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My car is old, should I choose comprehensive or third party insurance?

It all depends on the type of car, its age and its condition. Some people say that for a car older than 8 years, it is worth considering third party. After a certain age, the car has lost a lot of its value and in case of minor damages to the car, you would be better off paying for the repairs yourself. Moreover, if you are responsible for the damage to your car, the insurance company will take into account the age and condition of the vehicle to calculate your payout (they will give you less if your car is old).

So if your car is old, you should compare the cost of a comprehensive insurance cover for your car versus third party, and decide whether you want to pay for the repairs should anything happen to the car.

And don't forget you can add options to a third party insurance: for example, most insurance company provide "third party, fire and theft". In the case of an old car that is still in good condition with a good resell value, then that could be the best option. This will cover you in case of fire and theft, while still allowing for significant saving on your insurance.

Your personal circumstances are also important: if you still have a loan on your car, don't have money aside for a potential repair or simply don't like to take risks, stay with a comprehensive.

Finally, to get the best insurance deal, don't forget to get quotes from various insurance companies.